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Sweat With Jess Program


Sweat with Jess is a program that you can do from anywhere. 30 minute workouts that have a mix of upper body, booty workouts, cardio, hiit, and active rest days. Find out how you can workout for less time and still get an efficient workout. Be able to take this workout program anywhere, even if you have to travel. Each week you will get new workouts so you can keep your body guessing each time, and never hit a plateau. This is designed to always allow your muscles to progress so you can gain a body that allows you to feel lean, strong, sexy, and confident. 


Program includes:

4 week workouts

A bonus recipe each week via email

A bonus workout each week via email

Accountability emails each week to keep you going 

Facebook community



You can do these workouts from anywhere: Home or Gym. 

Below is the equipment expected if you do this at home: 

*Dumbbells and/or Kettlebells 

*Resistance bands and small loop bands 

*Chair and/or Step and/or bench 


With the gym: 

Any gym equipment 

  • Return and Refund Policy

    There are no refunds or returns on this program since it is a downloadable version.