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BUILD with Jess Program


Build Confidence! 

Build that booty you have always wanted! 

Build that lean muscle!


You are getting

*8 different workouts that are aimed towards building a stronger lower body. Every single workout is different and so fun! Add these exercises to other Lifestyle with Jess programs. 

*4 Weeks of accountability emails

*Weekly Bonus Recipes and Bonus Burnouts

*Facebook Community for support





You can do these workouts from anywhere: Home or Gym. 

Below is the equipment expected if you do this at home: 

*Dumbbells and/or Kettlebells 

*Resistance bands and small loop bands 

*Chair and/or Step and/or bench 


With the gym: 

Any gym equipment 

  • Return and Refund Policy

    There are no refunds or returns on this program since it is a downloadable version.